Based in New Zealand’s largest city, Ports of Auckland is the country’s leading port company and services vital international trades through a broad range of cargo handling logistic services.

Ports of Auckland came to us to when they wanted a cutting edge, innovative, mobile solution for digitizing their paper based business processes.

Primary Project Goals

  • Replace paper based compliance checking business processes with a digital alternative
  • Directly integrate with existing SharePoint infrastructure
  • User centered interface catering for non-technical staff working in harsh outdoor conditions

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Strategy & Ideation

Designing an experience that intuitively mimicked the existing paper based process was key to this project. The solution had to be easy for staff with minimal technical expertise to pick up an use the solution with minimal training.

Before we began any design or development, we held an in-depth workshop with Ports of Auckland stakeholders and field staff to get a good grasp of the environment and use cases the solution would need to cater for. We then met with the Ports of Auckland technical team to ensure we would be interfacing with SharePoint and were clear on security and validation policies.

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Design & Refinement

Once we felt we had a clear design vision, we began brainstorming a solution. We came up with the overall information architecture and fleshed out how users would navigate the app.

From there we went into more and fleshed out low fidelity sketchiness to better visualize how the solution experience would be like.

Low Fidelity Concepts

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Final Product

We worked very closely with the Ports of Auckland during the entire design phase to ensure we captured all required functionality and delivered a solution that staff prefer using over the existing paper based system.

Login Screen

A beautiful log in screen that leverages Ports of Auckland branding greets the user and guides them through the sign in process.

Main hub

The main dashboard has clear state feedback and continually keeps the user informed on how many checklists they have completed, which completed checklists have been successfully synced and what still remains to be done.

Application Checklists

Checklists also had good state feedback to keep users informed on completion status.

Bonus features

With a digital alternative, new functionality that wasn’t possible with a paper based system could now be introduced such as attaching photos to checklists for further confirmation on given tasks.

We firmly believe in the benefits of focusing on the end user experience when delivering LOB and enterprise software. Staff require less training, they are happier on the job and don’t have a disjoint between consumer app experiences they are becoming accustomed to and the software they use on a daily basis at work.

We put a lot of attention into the fine details to ensure the solution was not only user friendly but was beautiful to look at. Meaningful animations were used to keep the user informed about system state and facilitate an overall experience that was a joy to use.